If only I had a brain

There are days when I want to stop time, rewind, take careful note, return back to the future so I cannot look like an idiot when someone approaches me and ask me if 'I remember'. Busy should be my first name and forgetful should be my last. So just call me Mrs. Busy Forgetful. It seems the older I get the more memory cells seem to evaporate. I swear it has to be the deodorant. Well that’s just my theory; considering Americans tend to have a higher rate of elders getting Alzheimer Disease with comparison to the elderly in other countries such as India: hence they do not rely on deodorant as much as we do. But again that's just what I believe. View Statistics. Actually I read it somewhere a long time ago, and can't seem to REMEMBER where I read it. See my point!
Lately I have been forgetting to do things. It's beginning to scare me. My mother claims it's from doing too many things within a day and lack of sleep. Maybe she's right or maybe it's the deodorant.
I have to now walk around with post-it notes and a note pad and quickly jot down things I do not want to forget or need to do later. I'm getting old people. It's official the old noggin is finally wearing down. Maybe I could start eating more brain food. Okay now I just have to write that down and put it on one of  my post it notes for things to do in the future. We'll see how that goes.

Private Parts in Literature

I am trying to write an intense scene that involves describing the male organ, its appearance and its intended purpose. I have read so many romance novels that often referred to it as a cock, shaft, sex, dick, and lastly penis.

But each time I type either word it just doesn't seem to fit. Maybe it's just me. Interestingly enough I have no problem reading other author's sex scenes silently in my mind. No problem at all.

In addition, the female organ in most romance novels is often referred to as, sex, slit, core, pussy, etc., and rarely as a vagina.
I like calling it what it is rather than camouflaging it with obscure terms: Penis and vagina. It seems these two words have developed a bad rep over the years and as it seems may have been removed from the English language. Even as a child when we are taught how to use the toilet or 'potty' we are brain washed with cutie names for our private parts. On contrary when the real name of our private parts is revealed we can't help but to wince at the offensive word vagina and penis.

I know this first hand because I was one of them.

Why? Well it seems that the word penis and vagina are simply too blunt, too explicit, and simply too 'close to home'. So instead of accepting the raw terms we sugar coat them.
I thought about it and I have made my mind up to use the raw terms penis and vagina because that's what they are. They are actually neat terms.

Spring Is Here. Finally!

Spring can be viewed as uplifting freedom from the overbearing depression of winter. Goodbye frigid, dry cold air. Goodbye sneaky black ice. Adios frost bite. Chao white out and hello landscape of color. Hasta luego afternoon nights and hello extended daylight hours of Spring! After the amount of snow that burried many this winter, I do not want to see another deceptively pretty snow flake until next year!

This Spring my goal is to be more active and partake in activities with my suddenly overactive three year old. Perhaps picnics in the park, crack of dawn boat fishing and bike riding along trails. Write in my novel under a tree. Even visit local farms and pick fresh fruits and vegetables from the fields. There are so many simple yet wonderful things to do without having to take a 'vacation'. And let me not forget gardening. Gardening is my own personal therapuetic release. I love knowing that it was my hands, blood, tears and sweat that help nuture one of god's amazing creations. It instills a sense of pride and ownership that can't be mistaken for anything else.

Spring some how makes me want to enjoy life and love. Spring promotes possiblity and newness. From the glorious colors, to the tiniest creature, to the fresh air carrying the scent of the earth's awakening, Spring is a blessing.
Spring Fever...Can't you feel it...Can't you see it...Can't you smell it?

One day It will be true

Is it strange that when I'm in the bathroom I stare into the mirror pretending I'm on camera and answering questions about my currently unpublished book? My son often stares at me as if I'm a martian standing in his mother’s bathroom. Of course I do it only when my husband is asleep or not home. He would definitely call me crazy if he ever saw how in-depth my make believe interviews actually were.
I told my sister I was going to be a well-known author one day; and she of course laughs at me and gives her best sisterly advice that I seek immediate help.
I'm a Gemini. Period. We believe the impossible is always possible. It is what makes us so spontaneous and charming. I recall reading the characteristics of my birth sign and I damn near fell off my chair. All of it was true down to the getting bored easily part. My mother always said I was definitely a true Gemini, I guess she was right.
However, the down fall of being instilled with such a boundless insight on life turns out to be both a gift and a curse. Most times at the end of the day, I always ask how the hell did I get myself into this situation. Thankfully I married a Virgo who tends to keep me grounded and safe from reaping consequences of half cooked ideas.
Despite my sister’s advice, I have a strange feeling that I will leave this earth with two profound legacies, my handsome son as well as a published manuscript.


I'm back and geared up. I had to take a break from posting online and writing in my novel for a while. I kept getting writer's block and desperately needed to get my personal life back in order. Thankfully…now that things have snapped back into shape I can now concentrate on another crazy idea of mine to start a book club.

Lately I’ve been reading novel after novel after novel and felt the need to talk about the books I have obsessed myself with. So I asked myself, “Self why not post your thoughts online and gain the interest of friends and family who can comment as well?”
So if you’re reading this and realize that you are raising an eyebrow and considering the convenience, thrill and comfort of chatting with other women and becoming a critic then join this book club and comment!!

Since it is February, I think it is suiting to read a romance genre. Suggestion: Midnight Breed novel series by Laura Adrian. ‘Kiss of Midnight’      http://www.laraadrian.com/
Ps. If not obvious, my favorite genre is of course Paranormal Romance.
So who is interested and what is your favorite genre?