Private Parts in Literature

I am trying to write an intense scene that involves describing the male organ, its appearance and its intended purpose. I have read so many romance novels that often referred to it as a cock, shaft, sex, dick, and lastly penis.

But each time I type either word it just doesn't seem to fit. Maybe it's just me. Interestingly enough I have no problem reading other author's sex scenes silently in my mind. No problem at all.

In addition, the female organ in most romance novels is often referred to as, sex, slit, core, pussy, etc., and rarely as a vagina.
I like calling it what it is rather than camouflaging it with obscure terms: Penis and vagina. It seems these two words have developed a bad rep over the years and as it seems may have been removed from the English language. Even as a child when we are taught how to use the toilet or 'potty' we are brain washed with cutie names for our private parts. On contrary when the real name of our private parts is revealed we can't help but to wince at the offensive word vagina and penis.

I know this first hand because I was one of them.

Why? Well it seems that the word penis and vagina are simply too blunt, too explicit, and simply too 'close to home'. So instead of accepting the raw terms we sugar coat them.
I thought about it and I have made my mind up to use the raw terms penis and vagina because that's what they are. They are actually neat terms.


dali said...

i find this bit simply refreshing!

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