I'm back and geared up. I had to take a break from posting online and writing in my novel for a while. I kept getting writer's block and desperately needed to get my personal life back in order. Thankfully…now that things have snapped back into shape I can now concentrate on another crazy idea of mine to start a book club.

Lately I’ve been reading novel after novel after novel and felt the need to talk about the books I have obsessed myself with. So I asked myself, “Self why not post your thoughts online and gain the interest of friends and family who can comment as well?”
So if you’re reading this and realize that you are raising an eyebrow and considering the convenience, thrill and comfort of chatting with other women and becoming a critic then join this book club and comment!!

Since it is February, I think it is suiting to read a romance genre. Suggestion: Midnight Breed novel series by Laura Adrian. ‘Kiss of Midnight’
Ps. If not obvious, my favorite genre is of course Paranormal Romance.
So who is interested and what is your favorite genre?


Anonymous said...

To be totally honest with you girl, I haven't been to the book store to pick up a book in forever. I used to love to read the Bet Arabesque love stories though. I guess I need to start reading again though. Those books do keep that romantic fire lit in you lo. I'll have to go to the book store and check out some books and get back with you. I do have one suggestion though. I love the movie Pride and Prejudice. I have the book too but I never read the whole thing lol.... so I guess my suggestion is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen


MsFinney said...

I am already part of one book club that meets the last Thursday of each month. So I am not sure if I have time for another; but for you, I will try.

How are you going to organize the book club and are we meeting in person or online?

Are you going to do discussion questions?

Kris you want to try to find Pride and Prejudice at your local library, instead of purchasing it at the bookstore, unless you want your personal copy.

I am fine with Pride and Prejudice, but here are some other suggestions:
Secret Life of Bees, The Kite Runner, and The Namesake.

Also I have long communte so I tend to get books that are available on audio CD.

Chazra said...

All the details will be in the following post. But to answer your questions...
1. We meet online every Saturday at noon. Based on the poll present on the left side of the screen, we will determine which book is to be read next.
2. There will be discussion questions from taken from guides as well as questions posted by book club members.
But before I create the post composed of all the details I need to know if people are actually interested.

Thanks Ms Finney and Kris for your suggestions. I shall place them in the poll.
I need to know if I have a group of people to start a book club.

MsFinney said...

I would also like to suggest the book "Push" by Sapphire.

Anonymous said...

I think that this is a good idea to get together with other people. As soon as school gets a little less difficult, I would love to join the book club

Chazra said...

I have an appetite for a heartfelt tearjerker. I suggest "True Colors" by Kristin Hannah or "The Weight of Silence" by Heather Gudenkauf.

Anonymous said...

I have to check out the other suggestions. I'm down for whatever though. I love a good romance novel. The best ones are the ones make u feel like ur really in their world and kinda leave u feeling attached by the time u finish the book lol


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