Being an Adult: Questioning Life's Burden and Children

If someone were to tell me that when I grew up I would still desire something different, something greater and something completely fulfilling, I would not believe them. The ugly truth is as a youth you view the world in a simpler light. You are likely to seek self gratification with what you are given. For those of us who were fortunate of having nurturing hardworking parents, it is even more evident on how little concern and understanding we had of the real world. However as time passes and casting of independence is granted,  your view of the world is no longer simple. Instead it is a thrilling and scary ocean of possibilities. Survival is the moderately stocked boat to which your parents cast you out on. It is up to you to make calculated decisions. It is up to you to set a direction and sail. You must avoid the threats lurking, careless rocking and prepare in advance for bad weather to come. In retrospect life as an adult in a world full of possibilities carries much responsibility, rejection, heartbreak, stress of all sorts, decision making, adversities, self discovery, independence and at times a much appreciated tribulation.  
The key to survival is being smart about your resources, viewing your body and health as an investment, establishing backup plans, saving money by spending wisely. Unfortunately people there are some people who aren't strong enough to surface from life's burdens and instead they surrender and resort to devastating actions.

Moreover, when I turn on the news and hear that parents in my very own county let alone around the world are killing their own precious children and then themselves, I honestly begin to hyperventilate and cry. I am pained with a swollen heart that throbs from anguish! I cry because these are PRECIOUS CHILDREN. The bible states that in the last days along with many other things there will be lack of natural affection. What is this world coming to? Has society, government, crime, finances, fear, hate, depression, stress, misconceptions of love and all it's drama finally taken a toll on troubled souls?

It breaks my heart to know that these children weren't given a chance to be children. They weren't fortunate enough to have parents who could survive being an adult.