Dreams Are Boulders

I'm so glad to report that I broke through my writer's block. Here is what I did...

  1. Took a break.

  2. Snacked on food that made me happy: cheese cake, chocolate soy milk, cream cheese and crackers, Toll House chocolate chip cookies, vanilla bean ice cream with Hershey chocolate syrup and crushed party peanuts...YUMMY... and the list goes on and on folks. Although most of these things are quite fattening, they're so worth the extra ounces if eaten in moderation. My stomach is growling just thinking of these delectable treats. I probably should have eaten before writing this post.

  3. At 11 o'clock at night I stared at the ceiling completely upset with my writing dilemma. I stared at the boring uninspiring ceiling for about two hours simply drumming my fingers on the mattress and figured it best to recite my story in highlight format. My intentions were to let the story be the last thing on my mind. In my experience, if I see or hear something disturbing or mind boggling before going to sleep I tend to suppress the thought or posing questions in one of my brain's (question and figure out later) memory chambers - and once asleep it either plays out like a story line and then becomes a nightmare or amazingly formulates a solution for a problem. Reciting the highlight was like counting sheep. By chapter five I became dead to the world. Drooling dead. But anyway...I went to sleep dreaming of where I last left off in my story. Bingo! Dreams are so beneficial. They're like mental time-outs! And during that physical retreat your given pure freedom to think, consider, figure out, imagine, and wish in peace - and that's exactly what I did. The story literally took off and became it's own movie. The characters were defined through dialogue and actions, the events lead to drama and the drama resulted into a compelling story. I awoke the next day bi-passing the use of the toilet just so I could put what I dreamt on paper. It was like a mental convulsion.

So with all this said, when in writer's block, don't beat yourself up over it. Simply take a break, treat yourself and then sleep on it. It worked for me!


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